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Wildlife Man TV Series Now Available On DVD & Streaming 

The Wildlife Man TV series as shown world-wide on major TV networks including Discovery channel. The series includes 21 episodes featuring David Ireland ( The Wildlife Man) exploring a huge diversity of habitats including: Underwater reefs and shipwrecks, tropical jungles, deserts, wetlands, woodlands, rain forests, rugged mountains and remote arid regions of Australia, the south pacific and Indian ocean islands, Asia and Africa.

David is arguably one of the worlds most experienced wildlife film producers and presenters, with over 45 years of his life spent working with a huge diversity of creatures. Everything from sharks, whales, manta rays, seals, crocodiles to endangered marsupials, lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalo, hyena, hippo, Australian mammals, exotic birds and dragon lizards and rare insects and deadly snakes.

The 21 episodes in the series include the following episodes:
1 Crocodileman / 2 Wild Boar Attack / 3 Bush Beasts / 4 Shark Rider / 5 Hand Feeding Shark / 6 Outback Serpents / 7 Treasure in Paradise / 8 Swimming with Whales / 9 Searching for Dragons / 10 Giant Moray Eel / 11 Land of the Dreaming /  12 Wildlife Boy / 13 Ancient Predators / 14 Swimming with the Devil / 15 Surviving Africa / 16 Australian Safari / 17 Ocean Giants / 18 Creatures of the Deep / 19 Sea God / 20 Cold Blooded Australians / 21 Wild Boars of the Australian Outback.

When you purchase the Wildlife Man TV series, you are not renting it, you own it forever and can stream the episodes countless times. The series is highly educational and absolutely action packed.

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